Made With Heart

4 years ago, I got a crazy idea to start making jewelry as a business. Previously, I had been making it as a small hobby to just keep my hands busy. Through high school, I had a knack for picking up stones of all types and turning them into pendants so I could choose one to keep on me during my day. I had no idea that years later people would see my work and want it for their own!

Starlit Workings had a first incarnation as "Persei's Gems". Always fascinated with the sky and the stars that filled it, it seemed like a fitting name. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time or capability to build it up to what it needed. A year after I decided to put down the dream of having my shop, I decided to pick it all back up.

Being a stay at home mom was giving me the time I needed to pour into my craft. So, sitting at my computer one night, the name "Starlit Workings" came to me and stuck.

3 years, lots of orders, friends made, and new designs thought up, here we are. I've expanded from my beginnings with just wire wrapping stones to include all types of items. Tree of Life pendants, chainmaille jewelry, prayer beads, custom art commissions... each thing is just one of the many faces of my business.

Each item made gets love poured into it. Hours of hard work make sure that each piece is unique and tells it's own story. You can be assured that when you are purchasing from my small business, you're helping me provide for my family and getting a piece filled with joy and love.

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